Our Story

Since 1993, Cow & Cod has been serving up connection and fun alongside fresh seafood, shakes, and burgers. What sets us apart as a local favorite in the Auburn, WA dining scene? Our special ingredients include quality, made-to-order food paired with the legacy that is created when your community becomes your family.

Don and Ye Hong opened Cow & Cod (formerly Auburn Herfy’s) at the site of a local diner that had been part of the community since 1969. Building on a foundation of faith, family-friendly service, the Hongs established a dining experience that combined a passion for quality ingredients with their love for family and togetherness. 

In 2019, the Cow & Cod family mourned the passing of Don Hong, who served nearly three decades as owner and operator. Don and Ye’s legacy was passed on to their son Alex, who continues to delight Cow & Cod visitors with the fresh, natural food and quality service that have been the cornerstone of the business since its beginning. 

Dedication to employees, visitors, and the wider community remains a significant part of the Cow & Cod mission. We are thankful for opportunities to support our staff members in their career and educational goals, provide food for those in need, and give to organizations that offer aid internationally. Our community truly is our family.

Our fast-casual dining experience is accentuated by this love and care—the same value that goes into making your food fresh, daily. From house-made mayonnaise to locally sourced ingredients, every item on Cow & Cod’s menu is made-to-order, served hot, and always natural. Come see, taste, and experience the magic for yourself at our flagship location in Auburn, WA.